Mario César, Strokes in a Notebook

Scésar Gecé/ February 20, 2019/ Sin categoría/ 0 comments

Random scenes of everyday, of what you find on the streets. Notebook (Cuaderno de Notas in spanish, Mario César Castro, 2018) is an observation —or poetry— of the city, of what happens and we can not see it with certain clarity. Mario César’s film expresses freedom. The images fluctuate, as he says, “each scene is the beginning and the ending

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Kill The Zine, Fanzine or die

Jhoselin Castillo/ December 20, 2018/ Fanzine/ 0 comments

Kill The Zine, is a countercultural fanzine that has already 3 years in the independent market, started in August 2015 and has not stopped until now. It’s dedicated to the diffusion of bands, of music, of movies and, apparently to what they enter without fear: politic. I met Juan Pablo (Enrique Umbral), one of the Fanzine creators in the Quilca’s

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Respiro, a movie hacking by its own director

Scésar Gecé/ November 14, 2018/ Movies/ 0 comments

Chronicle behind the camera of how the idea of Respiro and self-hacking was born. After one of the screens that Respiro had, I was able to maintain contact with Romero Silvano. So, what’s next for the movie, I asked him repeatedly. She did not know that, so I suggested things to her: festivals, other alternative screen-rooms, uploading it to YouTube,

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A mic plus pedalboard and poetry, iqual Bruno.50

Scésar Gecé/ November 8, 2018/ Music/ 0 comments

A film was going to be presented in Espacio Plataforma, but Bruno.50 did it before. I was on the poster as an experimental rap. Maybe that sign is not completely accurate, although it did have things that attracted attention: loops, effects on the voice and its performance. I recorded all that set. He had another presentation in Lima Norte and

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Gen Hi8 review and interview with the director Miguel Miyahira

Scésar Gecé/ October 11, 2018/ Movies/ 0 comments

Super Nintendo, friendly games, jocking, the adolescence, the shames, the blunts, the beach, waste of time, the hi8 camera. For the older generations these things must be the meanings of nostalgia. But also blackouts, kidnappings, murders, terrorism, Abimael, El Chino, car bomb attacks, poverty, Tarata, they must be the other side of nostalgia, one very similar to terror that we

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Hibrido, strapped to the constancy

Scésar Gecé/ October 4, 2018/ Music/ 0 comments

The three of us had arrived, ready for what we have to do. The host opened the door, we passed and everything became dark. The house was not a house but a property to rent, or adapted to rent or for whatever. The stairs with flat steps took us to another thick darkness. We went through some semi-open rooms, some

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The Terrorist

Scésar Gecé/ September 28, 2018/ Music/ 1 comments

Inside the extensive Plaza Peru park, in the district of San Martín de Porres, people meet to do recreational activity. There are health campaigns from time to time and events held by mayors or mayoral candidates. To the front a parish is erected and, although it is a small dome, it is as striking as the adjacent park. Next to

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Selección Peruana 2000-2015, a football imbalance

Scésar Gecé/ August 11, 2017/ Books/ 1 comments

For some years there has been a boom in Peru of anthologies based on the Tale, this is due to the proliferation of independent publishers that brought several young writers with them, also the digital contemporaneity makes easier to “get known” . One of those books that made a simple but accurate marketing strategy (like other two past books of

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IFDVC, principles and fundamentals of making new and good music

Scésar Gecé/ August 9, 2017/ Music/ 0 comments

A few days ago the Peruvian group of math-rock / emo / post-hardcore Incendios Forestales del Viejo Continente (IFDVC) released its first full-length album, Principios y Fundamentos de la Fauna Moderna, which has eight tracks, and it’s one of the best launches of the year in Latin America. Principios Y Fundamentos De La Fauna Moderna by Incendios Forestales del Viejo

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