A mic plus pedalboard and poetry, iqual Bruno.50

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A film was going to be presented in Espacio Plataforma, but Bruno.50 did it before. I was on the poster as an experimental rap. Maybe that sign is not completely accurate, although it did have things that attracted attention: loops, effects on the voice and its performance.

I recorded all that set.

He had another presentation in Lima Norte and I also recorded it. So we decided to record a conversation for this blog before a third performance at Los Olivos. Then I went to his house / apartment / room, where he had everything messy and full of paintings. He started trying out his loop, one he bought in Paruro. We could have talked about its brand, or how good that device is, but we prefer to talk about more intangible things.

Bruno 50 rapeando en Espacio Plataforma

Music and poetry

He always wanted to write narrative and from the second grade he did it, he started to rap and writing rhymes, but they were not so good at improvising, so he decided to do the beats to the people. A few years ago, 2015, he began to read his writings in poetry events, long before he thought about making them rap songs.

Poetry is like a certain technology of feeling, summarizes life in a mystical way“. He tells me his way of thinking: each work of art has its poetry inside, then what is the poetry of poetry. “It is when you share it, to look into someone eyes and say what I have written, not just that it is on paper. Trying to make the idea have the form of the same idea, but all playing with the word, the sound and the rhythm“.

Bruno 50 rapeando en Espacio Plataforma

Bruno.50 Bla!!! Bla!!! Bla!!!

Bruno.50 was born as a project to paint, “because I did graffiti and I have a tag for that, but I know I want to develop it for the illegal environment or something like that, so at the same time I also wanted to work with my art and I could not relate it because it could bring me problems and I brought out Bruno.50, which is like the real Bruno, the Bruno that is inside Bruno“.

And what is your tag, that vandal tag? “Bla“. B-L-A-H? “No, without H, with a sign of admiration, three“.

He paints his tag on a sheet: B-L-A. I had seen it on the streets, especially in downtown. “It has its history, I’m not going to leave it. If I’ve ever graffiti someone’s house …

Bruno 50 rapeando en Espacio Plataforma

The first bullshit

Now he hopes to bring out the songs he plays on an album, an EP maybe, with fanzines, with more elaborate things. “These six songs I feel are part of a first bullshit. Because there is more in process, and that will never stop“.

However, Bruno already have material found on the network. On soundcloud he has uploaded tracks with rare, experimental sounds, like the city’s record. You can also find a couple of songs rapped and the odd beat.

Bruno 50 rapeando en Espacio Plataforma


We never talk about what he uses, maybe because it’s too simple, any micro and a pedalboard of effects that is probably for guitar.

When we were close to his house / apartment / room, he was late because he was fixing it in Paruro. Days ago, he had purchased different transformers of various prices and amperages. None worked it. When he was walking again through those streets full of electronic objects found a man who arranged it for a very cheap price: 2 soles.

At the moment of connecting it, trying it and realizing that it was already working, he could not stop to feel that anger of several days had passed. “RIGHT, SHIT! It works, man“.

Short-documentry produced by Panoramity (1/2)

Short-documentry produced by Panoramity (2/2)

Short-documentry [Full set with extra scenes]

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