Bruno Bardo – Bancas / El baile de los muertos (english version)

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One of the singer-songwriters who recommended us when we started this Panoramity was Bruno Bardo, at first I didn’t know him, I only hit him when they told me he was Suerte Campeón. I was about to launch Armitxe E Impoluto so we took advantage of that.

We searched Google for their other themes and they had a lot of luck and this postpunk-indie-sadboy move, however it was very captivating, interesting and after a while I already heard myself humming some sticky ones.

Upon arriving at his home, before recording, he invited us some beers and we took a time to talk about his musical projects. So he was telling us about Suerte Campeón, what Bruno Bardo is and what comes with Blackthony Startano. That was last year, now he’s not with Suerte, Bruno Bardo is performing in acoustic touches and Blackthony has just released a single and will soon release the album.

Bruno bardo para Panoramity tocando Bancas

Another of the things we talked about was audiovisual realization. We had seen a short documentary about Electro Z, it was very awesome, in fact, by that documental we began to listen to that band, Bruno made it, or well, Alonso Bello, his real name. The docu can be seen here. Another audiovisual work he did was that great video clip of Procastinación 1 Yo 0 called Galaxias that you can see below:

Lo-fi style

In total it has three EPs and the latter is a kind of compilation.

What struck me most was this lo-fi or home sound where you could guess that it was recorded with your laptop and iPhone micro. To this guitar-voice style also adds delays that become a characteristic in all his productions, at the same time of a kind of xylophone that accompanies as a solo and makes the songs even more nostalgic.

Bruno bardo despues de tocar Bancas para PAnoramity


Panoramity: How does Bruno Bardo start to sound this way, is it because of the musical influences or for what you had close?

Bruno Bardo: It’s more for what I had at hand. Every time I recorded something I used the keyboard and guitar that are in my room. In fact, right now I am doing more songs, I plan to do it in band format and I am influenced by bands like Nana Grizol, July and August, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Car seat headrest or solo projects like Calcutta, Albert Hammond Jr, Casiotone for the painfully alone, among others.

P: You record at home with iphone micro and with your laptop. What would you recommend us to start in music in a similar way?

BB: I really think that you want to do it, because it always goes away from me. If a person really wants to compose because he fucks something and can’t get rid of it, I think that person is starting on the right track. Nor is there a way, but it’s my way of seeing things. And in fact it doesn’t matter the medium with which a song is created, but why.

Bruno bardo tocando el baile de los muertos para panoramity

P: What have you learned technically working in this way lo-fi / DIY?

BB: It helped me in to realize that the time you spend on this is very important. It has happened to me that I have composed something a year ago and now I feel that more things are missing from that song, both in production and in lyric. And also learn to listen and transform material from other places for what I can do later.

P: And linking the music with the audiovisual realization that you also do. Is there an Armitxe E Impoluto theme that you want to make a video for? Or would you like someone else to do it, who?

BB: In fact, I don’t know if I wrote it before, but I’m going to launch a record next year. I just need to close about five songs to see where I record. Some songs that will be in this Lp, will be what I have been uploading to youtube and I would like to record something, a video clip, on occasion to that disc. But for now I prefer not to say which song.

Bruno Bardo session by Panoramity


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