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Respiro, a movie hacking by its own director

Scésar Gecé/ November 14, 2018/ Movies/ 0 comments

Chronicle behind the camera of how the idea of Respiro and self-hacking was born. After one of the screens that Respiro had, I was able to maintain contact with Romero Silvano. So, what’s next for the movie, I asked him repeatedly. She did not know that, so I suggested things to her: festivals, other alternative screen-rooms, uploading it to YouTube,

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Gen Hi8 review and interview with the director Miguel Miyahira

Scésar Gecé/ October 11, 2018/ Movies/ 0 comments

Super Nintendo, friendly games, jocking, the adolescence, the shames, the blunts, the beach, waste of time, the hi8 camera. For the older generations these things must be the meanings of nostalgia. But also blackouts, kidnappings, murders, terrorism, Abimael, El Chino, car bomb attacks, poverty, Tarata, they must be the other side of nostalgia, one very similar to terror that we

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