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I was curious about the participants of an audiovisual show in Cuzco where I also participated, I searched for Chuzkos Lab Creativo and when I visited their Facebook page I saw a post that called for “co-creating independent projects” back in May of last year.

In August we began to plan the meetings for this CROP project. There were other groups that had also written to them.

Everything happened at the Center, punctually at Casa Bagre. We met Error 113, Proyecto Runa, Martín Schor, Pira Plataforma, Espacio Plataforma y una naciente Panoramity.

Los chicos de Crop yendo a Pamplona Alta Chuzkos Lab

We present works that we had done previously. All linked to the visual. Error 113 had made the collage of the entrance of Casa Bagre, that where everyone takes pictures and has already been intervened by assiduous people with liquid paper or blue pencil. Martin Schor showed us his collages and drawings based on the Andean world and Russian, roots of his family. Project Runa, had more experience in murals, had been recorded making them, one of the most outstanding was a child stuck on a bridge where people threw garbage, these days the garbage is so saturated that only the head is seen of the child. Pira Plataforma showed the photos they made in strikes, recording all these movements and the rising voice of those who fight for improvements. Chuzkos Lab showed us their other projects especially CROP which already had precedents in South Africa and in New Zealand.

Niño viendo un pegote Chuzkos lab Panoramity

The action of each group opened several possibilities for intervention. We remain in pastes, anchoring and workshops. But the most important thing was missing: what was it all about? What was the content? The places were still shuffled, we saw several with social problems, but we did not have an in-depth knowledge of those places, nor did we know how to enter.

We investigated activities that were done in those places and their history. The one that most motivated us was that of Pamplona, the symbol of the invasions and slums in Lima of the 50s.

Pamplona Alta Chuzkos Lab Panoramity

We went there, much higher up towards Pamplona Alta, a long but necessary trip, we went with an idea and we ended up changing it thanks to the cooperation of the neighbors.

We had stepped on the field, we knew its history and we had the right of the neighbors. So all that was missing was to go and execute it.

And one of the best experiences for Panoramity came out.

Documentary about CROP Project Lima


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