Gelatina Magma, from pop to poetry

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On the long road from my house to La Victoria I was recording and combining in my ears and mind a series of different sounds, disparate that when assimilated gave me layers and layers of rhythms, emotions and expressions, these sounds so common in the streets of Abancay, its shops, its walkers and its busses led me to a much more complex and clearly subjective understanding. I was going to La Victoria because there were the members of Gelatina Magma to make them this note, I had already listened to their music a long time ago, I have heard it again several times in gigs and in my room, I have found new things, new tastes and new textures and with these sounds that the path gives me I can hold on even more to the proposal of Gelatina Magma, something that happened after the note, something that happens now and will always happen.

Giancarlo Samamé de Gelatina Magma tocando para Panoramity

His music has endless variants and surprises. With common rhythms but in its display shows neatness attached to its writing, those poetic verses that come to you deeply as understandings and processes that have passed several days of cleaning and corrections.

Gelatina Magma shows its expressions in lo-fi melodies, always borrowing from the broad internet to form new pieces, this is how it feels that its music belongs to the streets of Lima, La Victoria, mine and everyone else. They have also chosen to musicalize poems by José Watanabe and Blanca Varela, characters that belong to the collective imaginary. They are heard cosmopolitan and zonal.

When I arrived and at the beginning of a pleasant conversation with Angela and Giancarlo, the makers of Gelatina Magma, they told me that there was a work of collecting sounds that were downloaded from the internet as percussions found on youtube. The work was also to process these findings and filter them so that they are accurate as pieces of puzzle or rather, as gears of a circuit, in the songs.

El duo gelatina magma tocando para Panoramity

With these mergers one can imagine thousands of results, but none like the proposal of Gelatina that also comes with intentions of electronic rhythms and pop. Like downloaded, there are also samplers and recordings created by themselves from scratch. In addition to that great ability to get the lyrics to have that depth that are often trivialized in music in general. His original lyrics have the same dyes as the letters of the poets mentioned before and that thanks also to his composition, those reflections of bossa nova by Angela, go beyond any popero subject. Something that would be difficult to locate, but very easy to enjoy.

Interview and sesion by Panoramity


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