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Super Nintendo, friendly games, jocking, the adolescence, the shames, the blunts, the beach, waste of time, the hi8 camera. For the older generations these things must be the meanings of nostalgia. But also blackouts, kidnappings, murders, terrorism, Abimael, El Chino, car bomb attacks, poverty, Tarata, they must be the other side of nostalgia, one very similar to terror that we were happy to leave in the 90s.

On these topics, perhaps the most frivolous and with a context, perhaps the most delicate, is the story of Gen Hi8. A group of children who know a “New-one” or vice versa, or rather, a “New-one” that knows a group of children in their new district of Miraflores, a district of upper middle class. This New-one must be inserted into this tribe and has to go through its challenges, which like any group of kids is, play ball, share things and let yourself be disturbed.

Los amigos le invitan marihuana al personaje principal Diego

Along with these activities, the New, which already has a name, Diego, and identity (especially after asking him which team he is), experiences and enters into a dispute between his wishes and the wishes of others. Very clear case is when they pass the blunt or when he meets Marissa and one of his friends, Paco, the most annoying, warns him that she belongs to him.

These guys waste their time playing Super Nintendo, Nintendo had already gone out of style, or playing soccer and fighting each other, going to parties and the beach, reading the deceased magazine Estadio, but Diego finds another fancy: the Hi8 camera. However, his desire must be toppled by having to return it to his former owner, after a bad joke from his “friend” Paco.

En la calle Tarata ocurre el final de Gen Hi8

Gen Hi8 does not try to make a parallel between Diego’s life and what was happening in the country. Although everything that happened to the protagonist was accompanied, as a kind of wink or curtain, with images of that era of terrorism, dead, politicians and more dead.

However, both lines reached their climax, at a precise moment for the plot of fiction and in the same way for the reality of that time, as an impact that made Peruvians open their eyes regarding invisible terrorism: the explosion in Tarata.


Miguel Miyahira siendo entrevistado por Panoramity

On the other hand, the production of Gen Hi8 has acted differently from what is commonly done. They have not premiered in commercial movie theaters, but they have done it in alternative venues, which has given them more number of times to project, more than 10 presentations throughout the capital and have been in different festivals, winning several of them as Best Film in Festival al Este de Lima and Film Festival of Villa María del Triunfo y Lima Sur.

Aside, Gen Hi8 is exhibited in Cineaparte, the platform of Peruvian cinema in digital. At the same time, in their presentations they carry a whole set of merchandising about the age of the movie. To this they add an interesting coupon to download it from Cinenaparte, a kind of concretization of the digital.

How could all this be? Miyahira, the director, has an audiovisual production company and has had friends who have been able to sponsor, in the way they could, the feat. Further, the most important: the Hi8 camera.

These data and more are counted in the Documaking of Gen Hi8 that comes along with the movie when you download it.

Miguel Miyahira hablando de Gen Hi8 en Espacio Plataforma

Where can I find it?

Digitally it is in Cineaparte and costs 6.00 soles to watch it via streaming. It is also available to download with 10.00 soles and comes with a documaking of the film.

On the other hand, Gen Hi8 is in fests by several circuits from Peru and abroad, in the remainder of the year. You can see its dates on its Facebook page. And for the other year it has been selected for the XIV Festival A l’Ést du Nouveau (France) and is pre-candidate for the Short List Ibero-American Cinema Award Fénix (Mexico).

Interview with Miguel Miyahira, director of Gen Hi8

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