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The three of us had arrived, ready for what we have to do. The host opened the door, we passed and everything became dark. The house was not a house but a property to rent, or adapted to rent or for whatever. The stairs with flat steps took us to another thick darkness. We went through some semi-open rooms, some walls had pints on their terraced surface. In the background, at last, we arrived at the beat maker’s room.

Híbrido wanted to record a new song. The maker, Melodías Sangrantes, began to prepare everything, micro with antipoping, headphones, the console, speakers to see how it is going and most importantly: the program. Cool Edit.

“Cool Edit?!” I asked surprised. “I thought it was Audition now”. “Yes, but this program still works. Now I’m learning Cubace”.


Híbrido reviewed his lyrics with cadence. The song is called Strapped.

The first lines sound, so we can understand the context of the theme: “I can barely pronounce my name / imagine yours, morning, afternoon and night / of flood, that if it were not for this, I would not be alive / suicide on stand-up or placid steps / feels that placebo flavor, I tell you because I don’t dare / because mine is mine and yours who knows? but that I stay / ah, and if I lose it / at least it was an attempt“.

Híbrido en su grabación del tema Strapped

Strapped is a single that belongs to a future album. But many of Híbrido‘s songs are not linked to a disc. However, he recently launched one, Golpes y Desastres (Blows and Disasters).

Golpes y Desastres, a work that was born when I was traveling from here to there, from here to there. I was knowing places, and I had problems that I could control them with my mind and in those traveling I could clear them. It’s personal, but from those mistakes I’ve learned a lot “

Golpes resembles the rhythms of the songs, each beat, each musical structure and Desastres are the lyrics themselves, the viral, the world. From unification comes the first album that similarly reflects its name.

Why Híbrido?

“I remember reading it in an Egyptian book about paintings and I was wondering what Hybrid is. It is the union of man with animal. A hybrid being. I have realized that all people have a hybrid side. You react as an animal. Look at the news, people are sick. Sometimes you react on impulse. But when I put a song on it, I do not feel myself, I feel something more developed, like a hybrid being”.

For some shots

A few days before we planned to record, “for some shots, man. We go to the house of my friend, we recorded there and if you want we can do the interview there too”.

It was at a stop of the Tupac Amaru avenue, in Comas distric, the meeting. We walk to the Metropolitan avenue talking about things like the movement in which he is involved.

Híbrido en su grabación del tema Strapped

Híbrido has traveled to Tacna, Cuzco, Arequipa, Moquegua rapping and presenting Golpes y Desastres and has also organized concerts with the people of those areas and Lima.

“I’ve known some guys that have come down to my performance, from Arequipa they have gone to Cuzco and they say to me: ‘Hey man, we have come from Arequipa for your presentation’. That was fucking cool. I didn’t know them, but they had added me on Facebook. We were talking, everything was going fun and we made a song already “.


We also talk about his way of thinking in front of rap. In fact, there is already an interview where Híbrido expresses what he thinks about the different ways of doing rap. You can listen to it here (it’s in Spanish).

It’s about plastics, crumbs and glasses, so the question was about that.

“Yeah, bro. I tried to forget that bullshit because it was like a stereotype that I was implanting myself. Although, in part, I am right, but I respect what each one does. Always”.


At the moment he is recording his new album Suicidal, to which Strapped belongs. Maybe not in the best conditions, but with innate quality.

The use of Cool Edit is a resource. Other times they have been the voice recorders that Windows has by default. The same happens with the mic, sophisticated or not, it’s useful. Many of the rappers of this movement learn by themselves, they learn by experimenting and they record with what they have or can. Do-it-yourself you could tell, something that they have personified very well. And the resulting sound is typical of the movement, typical of each one of them.

Híbrido has filled his Soundcloud a while ago, now he uploads on his Youtube channel. If possible also on Spotify or Deezer or iTunes, but those requirements for regulations are not his deal. It is not his roll as it is the prolixity and rapping, anywhere, constant.

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