IFDVC, principles and fundamentals of making new and good music

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A few days ago the Peruvian group of math-rock / emo / post-hardcore Incendios Forestales del Viejo Continente (IFDVC) released its first full-length album, Principios y Fundamentos de la Fauna Moderna, which has eight tracks, and it’s one of the best launches of the year in Latin America.

In this disc there are songs that already were published previously in a version with less quality. Now the mastering has given them that jump of quality that every band wants in their work.

From the composition of the names one can intuit that will start a trip in different latitudes. Titles such as Mera Telos & Letpig Adventure, Himalajazz, Okinawa 1985, Oso Tripolar and Archipiélagos of Revillavigencio immerse us in an expedition within the contemporaneity of rock, especially the last one where we move between those changes of rhythm like islands and microclimates based on a same ecosystems of an archipelago of the southern hemisphere. They are clearly fresh sounds for Peru.

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IFDVC not only demonstrates dexterity with the instruments in this album, it also has simplicity and sinteticity more than anything in the composition of the lyrics and the lines of voice: emotional shouts that break the hegemony of the chords and massive punctures (this thanks to the duo of guitars Andrés Izquierdo and José Sandoval) so perfectly located, they do not need to say anything, as in Mera Telos & Letpig Adventure where the “paraparaparapapa” are the right singing and what matters most in terms of rhythm and term of the track. Both Andrés and Angelo Grijalva make their voices the necessary complement in the right place.

The same happens with the bass lines, Bruno Languasco, he is a bassist who came to the group through a search on a well-known Facebook page. It was the box that was missing fill so that each track is perfectly square.


Launching of this type of work is always welcome, not only because the production and post-production have been of top quality, also because the group has the necessary virtues to move already in the circle of big concerts and, why not, in other countries. This album will also open the doors to more independent bands and math-rock genre that is boiling in this part of the world.

Now we just need to do our part after listening to them: like, share, attend their plays and toast with them.

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IFDVC, principios y fundamentos de hacer nueva y buena música

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