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Jhoselin Castillo/ Fanzine

Kill The Zine, is a countercultural fanzine that has already 3 years in the independent market, started in August 2015 and has not stopped until now. It’s dedicated to the diffusion of bands, of music, of movies and, apparently to what they enter without fear: politic.

fujimori en x I met Juan Pablo (Enrique Umbral), one of the Fanzine creators in the Quilca’s park, I spent a few minutes and a man appeared greeting him and asking for his fanzine.

“The underground in Lima is small, sometimes the people who are involved in the real underground, you will always see them”.


With the Fanzine, he has interviewed international bands such as Dropdead, Slowdive, Mueran Humanos, She Past Away, Vorágine and not only of the punk genre, He also interviewed Adanowsky, Ale Hop, Mario Silvania, MoldesLiquidado Celuloide and other bands from the nowadays.

“I do not know what’s going to happen, it was nine numbers ago, sometimes I’ve thought that in number ten, and Kill The Zine gets over as a legend, but it is that I listen to a group and I want to interview them, that I want to know them”.

juan pablo con las copias

Kill The Zine when it started was only physical format, but two years later they decided to expand and join the digital.

“I’ve always loved the physical format, but there were people who could not buy it, it gets over and it’s bad that many people can not know it. I started uploading content and now great, I see how many people come in and not only from Peru, but from Argentina, Chile, Germany, Ireland, USA “

They have a lot of content that you can check on their page here.

Fanzine or Die

Like the “Do it yourself or die” with the fanzine works the same. The reason why there is Kill The Zine is because they were in need of being able to spread bands that were coming to light and that more people should know them. And not just bands, as I mentioned at the beginning, they enter without fear of politics.

When you open the fanzine, in each editions, the first thing you will read is an editorial dedicated to politics. It’s like the first thing you have to know if you’re going to continue reading, that you should find out firsthand what is happening with our country, a good way to make you sit down and say “Wake up Peruvian!”.

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Currently and since a while ago, it moves in stores like El Grito in Lima Downtown or in El Anexxo in Barranco, or of course you can also write it in their Facebook and agree on a good meeting point.

Interview to Kill The Zine Fanzine

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