Respiro, a movie hacking by its own director

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Chronicle behind the camera of how the idea of Respiro and self-hacking was born.

After one of the screens that Respiro had, I was able to maintain contact with Romero Silvano. So, what’s next for the movie, I asked him repeatedly. She did not know that, so I suggested things to her: festivals, other alternative screen-rooms, uploading it to YouTube, commercializing it. I started from the general to the particular detail, explaining everything I could do and I did it because I thought it was crazy that a movie like that had come out. How many times I had longed to do that kind of work and she had done it at 19 years old.

One of the ideas that came out of those chat conversations was to burn DVD.


That has to be registered, I thought.

I proposed to record it and we elaborated the idea better. So we planned what Romero says in this teaser.


We met on a Monday in the most repetitive place to meet, in jiron Quilca with Plaza San Martín because everything is in a few steps from Downtown.

After looking and asking where they burn discs in a gallery, we came to a stand of very nice young people who explained things about the format of the file required to burn the DVD to watch it in PC and TV, issues we did not know completely or we had forgotten because we were so guerrilla.

Burned the tiny amount of 10 discs as a lo-fi worthy production. I proposed to pay my copy, but very kind Romero paid everything. Until lunch.

Then he printed the cover. A design that was created in Power Point with a photo of the characters and a back cover that says more than any other with so many small letters. This had only one hole, which according to Romero is the existential gap of Respiro.

Luego de quemar o piratear su pelícua llamada respiro Romero Silvano camina por Lima


We had to cut off the blank excesses of the print, which cost two soles per side, so we only had to buy the bags to end the self-hacking, but these bags only sold per thousand. I told her that Voyeur has, and for heaps, we could buy him ten easily. But it was not like that: Voyeur decided to give them to us. And not only that, also the movies that we chose to buy. The gift was like candy being received by children, children who played the audiovisual guerrilla.

Actually, I did not know how Voyeur could react, since we were in Quilca, Romero confessed that she had not spoken to him. I had told him very little, so he probably did not remember me. Despite that, we want to surprise. But since Romero leaned on the counter to tell him what she was doing, he was very open and curious. After he accepted that we left him the discs, he began to ask, where is the film from, what is it about, where have you screened it, why are you recording.

While we bend the cover to enter into the bags, we talked about his business, we talked badly about Netflix and the unexpected visits he had had from directors, like this time.

Voyeur recibiendo la pelicula pirateada respiro de manos de romero silvano

I remember seeing several signatures of several directors who had come to greet him, but now that I am writing this article I have noticed that Romero did not sign her movie. It will be for a next visit.

What did happen was a photo to remember, every time I watch the video I am happy how happy they were. The publication of that photo on Facebook brought with it the usual comments: people who ask for any other movie except the one in the picture.

We said goodbye to Voyeur and went to the house of Estéfano, the main character of the film.

There we left several discs. As it was already night we took the opportunity to smoke a cigarette and talk. The ideas were emerging around Respiro, how to exploit it commercially, return to make screens, send the DVD to different stores, etc.

The hour had passed very quickly and we had to say goodbye.

Romero llega a la casa de estefano que es protagonista de respiro

In the following days I found out that the movie was sold out. So they went to burn more albums, because beyond the “sales”, it felt great to self-hacking with these people around.

But what is the movie about?

I have tried to avoid a kind of rereading. The truth is that I could say my thoughts about it in two lines, with different words, in the same way that the film is narrated. But it is better to show what has made me want to do, which is this chronicle and these videos. To go to get involved in some way with their “commercialization”, and that even though these videos belong to Panoramity, they are also an appendix of Respiro.

Video-chronicle produced by Panoramity (1/2)

Video-chronicle produced by Panoramity (2/2)

Video-chronicle produced by Panoramity [Full with Extra Scenes]

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