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It was a Sunday at 10 am and I was with Jhoselin and Scésar at the bus stop of San Marcos University. It was my first recording with the members of Panoramity, and I was certainly excited about that. I had my Tascam and microphone to record what until then I knew was going to be an acoustic to a band which I honestly did not know. Even, it is very likely that both Jhoselyn or Scésar had told me the name of this but even then by that time I had forgotten everything and I was just concentrating on what would be the audio record.

Until then, a few things had changed as planned. Initially it was agreed that the recording would be close to San Marcos and already there I found out that it would be somewhere else, in the same way we had to move to the Colonial with University avenue to meet with Michael Sulca, who initially contacted the band and we would meet them later. However, even with the last minute changes, I was quite motivated to continue with the recording.

Patio Solar conversando con Panoramity en Lima Perú

This is how once we met with Michael we moved to a nearby Plaza Vea, where 15 minutes later Patio Solar would arrive.

Until that moment I still did not know much about the band…

And had not asked much, so it was when I saw them and I heard them say that they were from Chile, which I thought was curious because I did not expect my first recording with Panoramity to be with a foreign band.

It breathed good vibes in the environment, the guys in the band were super friendly, talkative, game for what would be the recording later and was so we agreed that this would be in the apartment where they were staying to avoid external noise and that everything was heard with the highest possible quality. All this not without lunch before.

Comiendo en el mercado del Callao Patio Solar


They had given a show the night before and several were hungry as well as others with a lot of “cane” (hangover) in the words of the band’s own vocalist. So we went to a market near the place where they had lunch while we talked about various topics, including perhaps the most recurrent: the different cultural, social and even culinary contrasts of both countries. A conversation and lunch that lasted about an hour before going to the apartment where they were staying.

Casa donde se hospedan los Patio Solar

Already in the apartment, this one was somewhat messy, there were sticky liquids on the floor and instruments in their cases scattered all over the place, it was at that moment that we realized that maybe recording in that space would not be the best idea. that we went to a terrace that counted the apartment and it was indeed a quite ideal place to proceed with the recording. We ordered everything, we connected the equipment and we began to record at the same time that we crossed our fingers so that no plane would cross in full recording of the subjects since we were very close to the airport, and these happened every 4 or 5 minutes.


Panoramity entrevista a Claudio de Patio Solar

After completing the recording and move to the room of the apartment which was already empty, probably with the rest of the band sleeping in a room, we began to talk with Claudio about his experiences as a member and the band from their early, perhaps presenting a greater interest in telling us how he manages their tours as well as what local artists have had the opportunity to hear that they have been to your liking, daring to even recommend some local proposals.

It was 1 pm and together with the rest of the team were leaving the place, leaving in me a strong curiosity about how those songs we acoustically recorded minutes ago would be heard in their study versions, a task I gave myself when I got home, I liked what I heard.

Interview to Patio Solar | Panoramity


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