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Inside the extensive Plaza Peru park, in the district of San Martín de Porres, people meet to do recreational activity. There are health campaigns from time to time and events held by mayors or mayoral candidates. To the front a parish is erected and, although it is a small dome, it is as striking as the adjacent park. Next to these places of social and spiritual reunion, there is a house whose third floor window you can hear the repeated rehearsals of strident music by The Terrorist Collective.

The sounds that come out of that house oscillate between hardcore noise, noise rock or psychedelic noise. To this The Terrorist Collective adds extraneous sounds to the music as moans of a porn movie in Conjoined Penis, or recorded audios of documentary cut as in Bypass; both of his first album Intercouse Ritual released in 2015. It is also an important feature of the lyrics, which are actually phrases shouted by Israel, the guitarist.

— That holds its violent base of sound —Israel tells—, but that at the same time has a lot of nuances, whether it is sung or instrumental. To work several subgenres to help each of us and become more skilled making arrangements. “

The album Intercouse Ritual was released in 2015 and with that they went on a tour in the south of the continent. Next to them was Cholo Visceral, the other band of the drummer, Arturo, who also manages Necio Records, which is the record label that promotes both bands. In their tour they were also bands of Chile and Argentina, of the first was Vago Sagrado whose bassist mastered the second disc of the terrorist.

For Wonderful Disaster they want to avoid a certain rush:

— We want to give it a space —says Ele, the bass player—. At least a mini-campaign because the first album came out very …

— Very crazy-complete Israel.

— Very fast, yes.

— It came out in December and then we went on tour in January. It had more of repercussion outside than here.

— I think we did not know how to move it well because we took it out in December when people are not paying attention to music but to go on vacation.

Even so, in 2016 they managed to play on a tour that they baptized as Terror Visceral. There were 14 dates in the long Chilean territory and 15 more in Argentina, then finished with 4 dates in Peru.

For now, they are looking to repeat the tour in neighboring countries and if they open other possibilities of territories not visited yet.

By the name of the band we can intuit the concepts or the treatment of the songs. But when we looki at the album, the titles say something else like Orgasmatron or Vomit Pleasure. In Wonderful Disaster the lyrics and the aesthetics of the music would not change completely, however, the terrorists were already projected towards a third album which would have a more political connotation.

— We are joining now —says Israel—. The sound itself was rebellious, but still needed to be supplemented with words. Short words, fragments or shouts. We need to say something. Make us feel like a band. In some way to do justice to the name.

They recently released their first single that gives title to the album. The one that sings or recites is Fatima, a friend of the band and that gives it a touch of freshness. In this song they left the noise and the shouts, although those characteristics can’t leave the terrorist for long.

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