The unstable reality and the mime that nobody knows

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Who has not seen a mime? In fact, we have seen one at a fair, in a park, in a square. But then, what is the mime that nobody knows? That is exactly what Jennifer Fuentes‘ project is about, to deepen this problem and to enhance the tools offered by a scenic art such as mime.

In Peru, the mime is well limited in the person with stripes and who is trapped in a box, a man with a white face mostly sad or frightened, but the mime goes beyond. but it is distorted and limited by its ignorance.

Jennifer Fuentes, a while ago, has been giving workshops in which she delves into the art of mime. She tries to value this art, gets it known, reaches to people, that everyone can create their own mime. That is the true mime, the one that each one can create.

“You have to have the ability to create, to turn over, to explore, to imagine, not to limit the mind because we have enough with this body to limit us”. Because that’s what it is about, right? Of not limiting the concept of mime, but of adding it up.

When I met her, she told me when she returned to Peru after studying mime in Argentina, she returned seeking to learn more of the mime, but she only found a plastic theater, a theater devoid of spirit. Then it was that in 2015 she began to give workshops and has already dictated them in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Now last he dictated a workshop to which he called In search of the theatrical musculature.

Theatrical musculature?

“Yes, theatrical musculature because now the theater lacks of meat, there is only a theater of spectacle, of fun, of makeup”. She embraces and deepens on the theatrical musculature by looking for a direct contact with the mind through mime. A channel to express and communicate feelings, sensations, needs, states and emotions.

Unstable Reality

The mime of the Unstable Reality is what her work is based on, unstable because the human being is unstable and reality because it is the one we deal with every day and in some way it also makes us unstable.

The main themes in which she deepens are the mental perversion of being, existential conflicts and thus reach the flesh of the theater. As she says “I work raw to try to take out something that can blow you up in a sensory level”

That’s what it’s about, to create your own mime and not to continue believing that isa man with stripes who can not talk.

You can find more of Unstable Reality here

Unstable Reality and the mime | Panoramity

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