Tribal and bloody cannibal mutant: Mutant Geisha

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Since I started listening to them they called my attention. That tribal aesthetic that was well specified in the session made by RuidoFilms, the sound in the Producto Golosinario Vol 5, the glockenspiel, etc.

According to their website they play bloody math rock, but obviously they go beyond the math. In August of 2018 they released a video clip where dance sounds took the tribal as an arrest.

But you can see the album more in detail in their Bandcamp or here below.


Already the rehearsal place was known to me, some time ago I had recorded The Terrorist Collective here. It was the house of Israel near Peru Avenue. The same little room attached to the street. I imagine people passing by the next sidewalk listening to the Mutant Geisha and the Terrorists every so often.

Mutant Geisha Israel tocando la bateria ensayo Panoramity

At the door I found Renato waiting for the door to open. We talked for a while. I had seen them for the first time live at Golosinario, I recorded the whole set and I had edited it, and I even uploaded it to my Youtube account, but I never made it public.


Mutant geisha el bajo de renato en el esnayo Panoramity

They played in the essay different tracks, very new. They explained to me that one was called Repechaje because of the Peruvian national team, at the same time they made the song Doña Peta, the iconic mother of Paolo Guerrero.

At the end of the rehearsal they played Pastelitos, a song that has a poem written by Renato’s grandfather.

Mutant Geisha renato en la entrevista Panoramity


The recording occurred in August of last year, but due to misplaces we could not edit it and launch it. However months later we took the opportunity to record it at the presentation of The Terrosist Collective album at Casa Bagre.

I think they never saw us recording them.

mutant geisha tocando en casa bagre panoramity



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