Hi everyone!

Welcome to Panoramity, a cultural diffusion, opinion and entertainment blog in DIY code.

In charge of this project are Jhoselin Castillo and Scésar Gecé, who have seen a need to tell the stories that many creators have. Our task is to help them by disseminating them through written and audiovisual stories.

Our mode is also DIY, we use our own resources as a low resolution handycam for its homemade aesthetic and occasionally a tascam.

Of course we also need to grow and support, that is why we have created a Patreon where you can donate in exchange for gifts and certain exclusivities of Panoramity. There we also explained how we would spend donations and other hows and whys. In the same way you can do it in a more disinterested way by PayPal in this link _________

To this, we have added a series of social networks where you can follow us and check what we do and who we are recording.

We are glad to present this project and for you to know and enjoy the result of hard work in a context of limited resources